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Course accredited by the rating and accreditation agency of higher education (A3ES)


José Joaquim Magalhães Moreira

Entrance Exams

  • 16 - Maths


The dynamics of the labor market in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which include Multimedia systems require training that is focused on practice, flexibility and versatility. All these are fundamental characteristics of professionals in this area. The goal of this course is to prepare expert technical staff in the development of multimedia systems in an integrated way for the various platforms that respond to the labor market's needs in the different areas;

Specialist in computer systems for desktop, mobile and web platform design, and development;

A professional and academic qualification which is the basis for support of functions in all sectors of the economy;

Skills to enable continuous learning with a high degree of autonomy.


Professional exits

In addition to the general skills, the ability to work in group, critical space, creativity and leadership, the Degree in Multimedia Systems seeks to develop skills to perform functions such as:

  • Specialist in the design and development of computerized information systems for desktop systems and Web platform;
  • Application designer and developer / integrated and interactive multimedia products for fixed media, Web, and eLearning;
  • Web Designer and Web systems development with back office and front office components;
  • Installation and administration of Web open source (LMS, CMS, e-commerce, etc.); 
  • Modeling and 3D animation;
  • Data network management and computer systems;
  • Management and Design databases and management support systems;
  • Orientation of multimedia information systems projects.


  • Diurnal
  • Evening

Course Plan

1st year
Curricular unitsECTS
Information Systems 6
Business Management 5
Databases I 7
Quantitative Methods I 6
Data Structure and Algorithmics I 6
Data Structure and Algorithmics II 6
Introduction to Economics 5
Databases II 6
Quantitative Methods II 6
Communication Law 4
Personal and Professional Development 3
Total 60
2nd year
Curricular unitsECTS
Programming I 5
Networks and Data Communication I 6
Multimedia Tools I 5
Technology and Web Practice  I 4
Computer Architecture 4
Statistics 6
Programming II 6
Networks and Data Communication II 6
Information Sysytems for Management 6
Multimedia Techniques 4
Multimedia Tools II 4
Technology and Web Practice  II 4
Total 60
3rd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
3D Modelling 5
System Analysis 4
Marketing and Publicity 5
Multimedia Animation 5
Project Management 5
Project Conception 6
Audit and Computer Security 4
Software Engineering 4
Electronic Commerce 4
Operational Systems 4
Business Strategy and Planning 4
Project Development 10
Total 60


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