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Course accredited by the rating and accreditation agency of higher education (A3ES)


Pedro Nuno Duarte Oliveira

Entrance Exams

One of the following tests:

  • 09 - Geography
  • 13 - English
  • 18 - Portuguese


The current market orientation requested to tourism organizations is very demanding - its methods and decision support techniques evolve very quickly, which means that the supply of a sophisticated education system that promotes and enhances the analytical and decision capabilities will strengthen and update both the personal, as the organizational skills.

A degree in tourism endows the market with high potential for innovation experts and adjusts the turbulence that is observed today. The technical and scientific quality of the course will develop skills in the appropriate methods and procedures for the tourism products and services reservation operations, as well as the methods and techniques to elaborate prospecting studies and analysis of tourism supply and demand markets.

Graduates should be able to identify trends in the evolution of tourism types and sectors, as well as new tourism products and programs. Other skills that are intended to be acquired point out to defining the marketing policy of tourism companies for products and services, pricing, distribution, promotion, advertising, and sales, as well as the use of methods and techniques for developing and promoting touristic products and services.

Professional exits

  •  National and local Tourist Guides;
  •  Specialized technician in touristic operations;
  •  Touristic programs and events coordinators;
  •  Tourism project managers;
  •  Consultants and trainers in tourism.


  • Diurnal
  • Evening

Course plan

1st year
Curricular UnitsECTS
English I 4
French I 4
Introduction to Tourism 6
Tourism Legislation I 6
Tourism Geography 6
Information Techniques I 4
English II 4
French II 4
Tourism Economics 5
Tourism Legislation II 6
Tourism in Portugal 6
Information Techniques II 5
Total 60
2nd Year
Curricular unitsECTS
English III 4
French III 4
History of Art 6
Portuguese History and Culture I 5
Introduction to Business Management 5
Introduction to Statistics 6
English IV 4
French IV 4
Market Investigation 6
Portuguese History and Culture II 5
Event Organization and Tourism Animation 6
Cultural Heritage 5
Total 60
3rd year
Currical UnitsECTS
English V 4
French V 4
Touristic Planning Development 6
Touristic Operation Technics and Reservation Sysytems I 6
Tourism Marketing 5
Tourism Itineraries I 5
English VI 3
French VI 3
Tourism Itineraries II 5
Touristic Operation Technics and Reservation Systems II 5
Tourist Guide Techniques 4
Applied Tourism Project 10
Total 60


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