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Manuel Pinto Teixeira

Entrance exams

One of the following:

  • 04 - Economics
  • 11 - History
  • 18 - Portuguese


This degree prepares students for an increasingly competitive and demanding labor market, distinguished by convergence journalism, without neglecting the technical, ethical and deontological demands of professional practice, combined by three valences:

Communication, in a broader perspective, from the central element of journalism (the news) to the capacity of oral communication;

It is firmly based on multimedia and internet tools since communication is merely digital;

Entrepreneurship tools, based on changing the professional paradigm that increasingly points out towards these areas, for self-employment and the provision of services in outsourcing.

Through a constant theoretical and practical training that approaches graduates to the reality that they will find, this degree's purpose is to link the mandatory "know-how" to the need for "why do so".


  • Diurnal
  • Evening

Course plan

1st year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Organizational Management 5
Communication and Media History 6
English I 4
Portuguese Language I 6
Marketing and Publicity 5
Technologies and Information and Communication 4
Consumer and Market Behaviour 6
Design and Visual Communication 6
Communication Law and Ethics 4
English II 4
Portuguese Language II 6
Multimedia Techniques 4
Total 60
2nd Year
Curricular unitsECTS
Communication and Marketing Advisory 5
Organizational Communication 5
Communication Strategies I 4
Basic Database 7
Editorial Techniques I 5
Web Technology and Practice 4
Data Analysis and Treatment 6
Electronic Commerce 4
Web Contents and Management 5
Communication Strategies II 4
Communicational Expression Techniques 6
Editorial Techniques II 5
Total 60
3rd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Project Management 5
Information Research and Journalism Investigation 3
Digital Platforms and Social Networks 6
Digital Communication Project - Concept 10
Digital Author Tools 6
Online Media 5
Digital Communication Project - Development 20
Digital Communication Seminars 5
Total 60

Emoluments and Tuition fees

  • Application: 147,00 €
  • Registration: 200,00 €
  • Enrolment: 199,00 €
  • Insurance: 40,00 €
  • Tuition Fee: 273,00 € x 11 meses


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