Why study at ISLA Gaia?

Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, ISLA Gaia is a unique space for higher education, an institution with a unique International vision that articulates education and research in a campus of excellence.

  • We have a unique and distinctive International dimension;
  • We have an excellent employment and satisfaction rate amongst our students and alumni;
  • We own one of the largest national structures of labs, studios and equipment for teaching;
  • We are affiliated with exchange and International mobility programs (Erasmus + and Leonardo da Vinci and International training programs in Consortium);
  • Education and Research;
  • Sports and Culture;

International Student

1. International students are those who do not have Portuguese nationality.

2. The following are not covered by the International student definition foreseen above:

  1. Natural people from a EU member-state;
  2. Those who are not natural people from a member-state of the EU legally residing in Portugal for over two years, uninterruptedly, on 31st August of the year they intend to sign in higher education, as well as the children that are legally living with them;
  3. Those who apply for higher education through special access and application regimes regulated by Decree-Law No. 393 – A/99, from 2nd October, as amended by Decree-Law No. 272/2009, from 1st October.

3. Also, foreign students attending a studies cycle under an International mobility program are not covered by the international student concept to be part of this cycle at a foreign higher education institution with which ISLA Gaia has already established an exchange agreement with that same goal.

Fees and Tuition

The fees and tuitions are annually determined by the Administration Council of ISLA Gaia's founding body, according to an internal table and disseminated on ISLA Gaia's website in the established deadlines for the submission of applications.

Special access and admission call

The admission of international students is in accordance with applicable law and this regulation achievable through a special access and admission call.


The application for admission and the registration is done through a special call to which article 4th of the general regulation refers, contingent to verifying the fulfilment of the admission and registration requirements foreseen in articles 5th and 7th of that same regulation.


It is the Dean’s responsibility to establish, per studies cycle, the number of vacancies considering the limits and requirements foreseen in the legal regime for International Students.

The number of vacancies, accompanied by the respective reasons, is communicated annually to the Directorate General for Higher Education, responsible for dissemination.

Mandatory Documentation

International students while applying for the special access and admission call must present the following documents:

  • Application form;
  • Diploma or certificates foreseen in subparagraph 6th expressly mentioning the final grades obtained and the used rating scale, as well as conferring to the student the right to apply and be admitted in higher education at the country where it was issued;
  • Secondary School Certificate, for those who completed the Portuguese secondary school;
  • Documentation demanded by the applied legislation, in cases of holders of a legally equivalent qualification to secondary school;
  • One passport photo;
  • ID and VAT number demanded by Portuguese legislation (original and copy) and a pledge declaration of further delivery of residence permit.
  • International students must also meet the payment of the determined application’s fee:

In addition to the Bachelors Degree the institution also offers Masters Programs regulated by internal regulations, on which case it’s necessary:

  • Application Form;
  • BA Diploma issued by a competent and referenced entity for the considered course as higher education by the legislation of the country of origin, for the final grade obtained and for the used rating scale, authenticated by the Portuguese Consulate in the issuing country or, if it’s the case, apostilled and translated by a sworn translator if elaborated in any language beside Portuguese, Spanish, French or English;
  • One passport photo;
  • ID and VAT number demanded by the Portuguese legislation (original and copy) and a pledge declaration of posterior delivery of residence permit.
  • Registration and enrolment

Registration and enrolment

Applicants placed in a particular ranking must make their registration and enrolment within seven working days after the placement lists are published, under penalty of the results obtained expiring. For registration purposes, international students are obliged to deliver the legally foreseen documentation in what concerns the residence permit.

Transfer and Change Course

Even if you are enrolled in higher education in you country, you may ask for a transfer or course change to Study in Portugal, in ISLA Gaia.

What is a transfer?

It is the act by which a student enrolls and applies for the same course in a higher education institution, different from the one in which he or she is or has been enrolled into, and whether there was or not an interruption of enrollment in a higher course;

What is a course exchange?

It is the action by which a student registers in a different course from what he practiced in his previous registration, at the same or at a different higher education establishment, having occurred or not the interruption of the enrollment in a higher education course;

Which documents must I submit?

  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of VAT number;
  • 1 Photo;

Original Documents

Certificate of Higher Education* (indicating the approved curricular units) or; Registration Declaration (in cases when skills accreditation is not requested)

NOTE: These documents issued by the education establishment you attend(ed) must be recognized by diplomatic or consular Portuguese representation existing in that country and translated by an official translator (except Spanish, French and English documents).

Applications Acceptance

Applications for change or transfer may be accepted as long as the applicants meet the access requirements, depending on the vacancies and on meeting the application deadlines.

Diplomas and certificates

The diplomas and certificates referred to in the previous subparagraph must highlight the issuing circumstances in a relying way and must be authenticated by the Portuguese Consulate at the issuing country or, if it’s the case, apostilled in the terms of the Hague Convention and translated to Portuguese by a sworn translator when issued in a different language than Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Of the diplomas and certificates referred to in subparagraph 1 must contain, obligatorily, the rating scale, final rate obtained at the educational program as well as conferring international students the right to apply and be admitted in higher education and the country where it was issued.


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