ISLA - Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology (ISLA-IPGT) has at least two Organic Units of teaching, with the designation of Superior Schools, and one of research, according to its attributions.

The organization and functioning of the Organic Units and other central services are regulated by specific regulations.

1.1 ISLA-IPGT Bodies

According to its Statutes, ISLA-IPGT?s bodies are

  1. The President;
  2. Administrator;
  3. The General Council..

1.2 President

The President is the highest governing body and external representation of ISLA-IPGT, is appointed by the Founding Body and his term of office lasts for three years and may be renewed for equal periods of time. The President is responsible for conducting the development policy of the institution, guiding its educational and scientific activities.

President António Manuel de Andrêa Lencastre Godinho

1.3 Administrator

The Director is the body responsible for ensuring liaison between the institution and ISLA-IPGT's own bodies, assisted by an Administration Delegate, appointed by him/her, who exercises the powers delegated by the latter, with a four-year term of office.

1.4 General Council

The General Council is the organ of the Polytechnic Institute responsible for coordinating the scientific, educational and research activities of the organic units, bringing together the activities and deliberations of the respective Scientific-Technical and Pedagogical Councils and of the Scientific Council of the Research Centre.

Composition of the General Council of ISLA-IPGT
President of the General Council Manuel de Almeida Damásio
President António Manuel de Andrêa Lencastre Godinho
Administrator Maria Clotilde Esteves Domingues
Directors of Organic Units
School of Management Carlos Miguel Fernandes Oliveira
School of Technology José Joaquim Moreira
Research Centre Firmino Oliveira da Silva
Invited personalities of recognised merit
Mayor of VNG Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues
President of the IEFP of Gaia João Carlos Ferreira de Mira Paulo
Personalities of the Institution (without voting rights)
Student Ombudsman Carla Palmira Aguiar Santos Pedrosa
Director of General Library Alberto Silva e Costa
President of ISLA-IPGT's EA Diogo Filipe Machado Bravo


The organic teaching and research units are called Schools and research centres.

In these organic teaching units, the Schools, there may also exist, as functional units, departments which group together courses of study with related scientific and pedagogical interests.

The bodies of the Schools and Research Centres are:

  1. Director of the School of Education;
  2. Technical and Scientific Council of the Schools;
  3. Pedagogical Council;
  4. Director of the Course, if it does not fall within a department.
  5. Director of the Research Centre
  6. Scientific-Technical Council of the Research Centre;