Mission and Goals

The Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology's objectives (ISLA Gaia):

  • Stimulating cultural creation and scientific and entrepreneurial spririt development, as well as reflective thinking;
  • Training graduates in different fields of knowledge, qualified to integrate in the various professionals sectors. Participating in the development of society and contributing to their continuing education; 
  • Encouraging research and scientific research aimed at the development of science and technology, humanities and arts, and the creation and dissemination of culture and developing the understanding of integration of man with the environment;
  • Promoting the spread of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge, which constitutes the heritage of humanity and communicating knowledge through teaching, publications or other forms of communication;
  • Encouraging the desire for constant cultural and professional development, integrating the skills that are being acquired in an intellectual framework and systematizing knwoledge of each generation, in education throughout life and generational and intergenerational investment, aiming to perform the formation process; Diário da República, 2nd Series - Nº. 203-20 of October 2009;
  • Encouraging knowledge of the world's problems, from a global perspective, in particular regional, national and European, providing specialized services to the community and establishing a reciprocal relationship;
  • Establishing cooperation with national and international companies and organizations, making employability and participation in research and development projects of its students and graduates easier;
  • Promoting association or cooperation agreements with public or private, domestic or foreign educational and research institutions, through network integration, encouraging students', graduates' and teachers' mobilty and establishing common partnerships and projects, including joint degrees or facility or equipment program sharing;
  • Continuing cultural and vocational training of citizens for the promotion of appropriate cultural extension forms;
  • Encouraging artistic, cultural and scientific activities, promoting practical spaces and supporting the development of extracurricular skills, both on a collective and social participation;
  • Supporting student associations, providing the necessary conditions for the affirmation of autonomous associations setting up in accordance with the legislation in use;
  • Promoting and valuing Portguese language and culture by encouraging relations with portuguese-speaking countries;
  • Promoting critical thinking and freedom of expression and research.

Consequently oriented to the offer of solid scientific training, through the articulation of studying, teaching, research and experimental development, the education aims at the creation, transmission and dissemination of culture, knowledge, science and technology.


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