ESTThe teaching units, called Higher Schools, enjoy scientific and pedagogical autonomy within the scope of their respective competences, under the terms of the law and ISLA-IPGT statutes.


The School of Technology is managed by a Director, appointed by joint order of the President and the Director, with a three-year term of office.

Director of the Teaching Unit
School of Technology  José Joaquim Magalhães Moreira

Scientific-Technical Council

The School's Technical and Scientific Council is the body responsible for guiding the scientific policy to be pursued in the fields of teaching, research and cultural extension of the School, acting in accordance with the principle of autonomy.

Composition of the Scientific-Technical Council of the School of Technology
President José Joaquim Magalhães Moreira
  Ana Paula Gomes de Sousa Pinto Guimarães
  Jorge Manuel Pereira Duque
  Hernâni Veloso Neto
  Manuel Luís Vila Cova Tender
Research Centre   
President António Manuel de Andrêa Lencastre Godinho
Student Ombudsman Carla Palmira Aguiar Santos Pedrosa
Research Unit Director  Firmino Oliveira da Silva
Library Director  Alberto Silva e Costa
President of the Students Association Diogo Filipe Machado Bravo

Pedagogical Council

The Pedagogical Council is the body that studies and assesses the guidelines, methods, acts and results of teaching and learning activities in order to ensure the smooth running of study cycles offered at ISLA-IPGT.

Composition of the Pedagogical Council of the School of Technology
President Jorge Manuel Pereira Duque
Secretary Joaquim Manuel Campos Costa
One Teacher's representative per study cycle
(TeSP) Digital Communication Sónia Carla Monteiro Pinto de Oliveira
(TeSP) Multimedia Products Development Arnaldo Paulo Borges Pinheiro
(TeSP) Web and Mobile Device Development Ana Paula Gomes Pinto Guimarães
(TeSP) Quality, Environment and Safety Management Manuel António Freitas Costa 
(TeSP) Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Pedro Nuno Duarte Oliveira
(TeSP) Networks and Information Systems Susanne de Graaf Martins
(1ºC) Digital Communication and Technology Artur Filipe dos Santos
(1ºC) Safety at Work Eng. Hernâni Artur Veloso Neto
(1ºC) Informatics Eng. Joaquim Manuel Campos Costa
(2ºC) Web Technologies and Systems Engineering Jorge Manuel Pereira Duque
(2ºC) Occupational Health and Safety Management Sandra Isabel Gomes Pereira
One student representative per study cycle
(TeSP) Digital Communication Ana Sofia Oliveira
(TeSP) Multimedia Products Development Ana Carolina Q. Peneda
(TeSP) Web and Mobile Device Development Pedro Ferreira Teixeira
(TeSP) Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Fabiana Raquel Mesquita Oliveira
(TeSP) Networks and Information Systems Carlos Vieira Tato
(1ºC) Digital Communication and Technology Inês Isabel Gomes Alves
(1ºC) Safety at Work Eng. Sónia Almeida Abreu Fonseca
(1ºC) Informatics Eng. Luis Miguel Ramos Araújo
(1ºC) Multimedia Mariana Silva Nogueira
(2ºC) Occupational Health and Safety Management Tiago António Pais da Silva
(2ºC) Web Technologies and Systems Engineering André Filipe Oliveira Santos
Other Entities
President ISLA IPGT António Lencastre Godinho
Delegate of the Administration José Agostinho Correia Lemos
Director School of Technology José Joaquim Magalhães Moreira
Director of the Research Centre Firmino Oliveira da Silva
Director of General Library Alberto Silva e Costa
Student Ombudsman Carla Palmira Aguiar Santos Pedrosa
Executive Coordinator of the QISM Rosária Mendes da Silva
President of the Students' Association Diogo Filipe Machado Bravo
President of ALUMNI Nuno Ricardo Mateus Coelho


The composition of the Scientific-Technical and Pedagogical Councils of the School, follow the procedures of the Electoral Regulations established by the founding body of the ISLA-IPGT.

 Consulte os Regulamentos Eleitorais