To be a leader in polytechnic higher education in Portugal, broadening and deepening the legacy of human knowledge and passing on the benefits of that knowledge to others. To be competitive, to be intensive in applied knowledge and to place the student at the centre of learning, taking into consideration the institution's economic, social and cultural responsibilities from a local and regional perspective, without forgetting the other markets in which it operates.


The mission of ISLA-IPGT is to develop an education based on the acquisition of skills, participating actively in the national education system; in the promotion of scientific and technological research through participation in international networks of higher education and research training. In addition, bet on providing services to the community, in a perspective of mutual and rational appreciation that allows the maximum use of all resources and international cooperation, promoting international mobility of the academic community.


In order to fulfill the vision of the Institution and meet the needs of their students, ISLA-IPGT assumes as institutional values Quality: ISLA-IPGT's teaching and learning and research activities focus on the expectations and needs of Students and other Stakeholders, in order to work actively, with awareness and ambition and based on self-evaluation, striving for excellence. Innovation: continuously promotes new ideas, taking advantage of them to develop new processes, pedagogical methodologies, systems, products or services. Encourages creativity and the application of innovative solutions, both in teaching and learning processes and in administrative and financial processes, in order to achieve and exceed the strategic objectives of ISLA-IPGT. Responsibility: ISLA-IPGT assumes an upright, ethical, honest and transparent behaviour in the relationship with students and other stakeholders, respecting the confidentiality of personal and professional data inherent to the whole teaching and research process. Critical and cooperative spirit: ISLA-IPGT promotes an open, honest and direct communication climate, allowing cooperation among collaborators, through information and knowledge sharing, in order to develop solutions and strategies that are more adequate to the reality of the Institution and, in this way, stimulates the critical spirit, implementing a healthy and positive work environment.