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The Research Centre is a permanent organic unit whose purpose is to develop research in the different areas of knowledge, acting as an organizational structure of coordination and support to the research projects developed in the unit.

Research Centre Bodies

The organs of the research centre are:

  1. Director of the Research Centre;
  2. Scientific Council.

Director of the Research Centre

The Director is the governing and representative body of the Research Centre, appointed by the Granting Authority from among its doctoral members for a three-year term of office.

Research Centre Firmino Oliveira da Silva

Statutes of the Research Centre

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is the body that approves the respective plan of activities and integrates all the researchers with PhDs and specialists of recognized merit who collaborate in the centre.

Composition of the Research Centre's Scientific Council
President Firmino Oliveira da Silva
All PhD Professors and Specialists who collaborate full time in ISLA-IPGT. Researchers from the different research units of ISLA-IPGT 
  • Cadernos de Engenharia de Segurança, Qualidade e Ambiente
  • Laboratory for Statistics and Computation
  • Listagem das actividades Técnico-Científicas