Executive Coordinator of the Quality Management System: Rosária Silva


ISLA - Instituto Politécnico de Gestão e Tecnologia (ISLA Gaia) Quality Policy and management are based on the principle of continuous development - PDCA cycle.

PDCA is incorporated in all processes and activities of ISLA Gaia.


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  The quality policy is based on the following principles that govern ISLA Gaia’s activities:

  • Pursuit of excellence in all activities;
  • All members of the Lusophone community contribute to the common mission;
  • Continuous evaluation and development of all activities;
  • Systematic and shared methods to ensure quality improvement and effectiveness in activities.

Quality System

The quality system is a management tool for realising the Institute's quality policy and defines the quality management organisation, allocation of responsibilities, procedures and resources.

The objectives set for the quality system are as follows:

  • Support the achievement of the university's strategic objectives and the established goals, and ensure continuous quality improvement of ISLA Gaia's activities and results;
  • Strengthen a joint quality culture and the participation of students, teaching and non-teaching staff and external stakeholders in the planning, implementation, evaluation and development of activities;
  • Define, clarify and harmonize procedures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the various actors;
  • To disseminate uniform operational methods and best practices throughout the organisation;
  • To ensure the reliability of quantitative and qualitative information used for planning, management, monitoring and development of activities;
  • Identify, document and develop key operational processes based on systematic feedback;
  • Maintain and strengthen openness and transparency.

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