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Course accredited by the rating and accreditation agency of higher education (A3ES)


José Joaquim Magalhães Moreira

Entrance exams

One of the following:

  • 16 - Maths


The degree in Informatics Engineering aims to train professionals capable of performing their activity with a high level of technical and scientific competence, developing skills in requirements analysis, design and development of computer solutions, design of computer architectures, communications, intelligent systems, project planning and team management.

Professional opportunities

In addition to general training knowledge, team work practice, creativity and leadership experience, graduates in Computer Engineering need as necessary skills to perform functions related to the profile of Computer Engineer, such as:


  • Design and development of applications (desktop, web and mobile);
  • Administration of data networks and computer systems;
  • Design and administration of databases and management support systems;
  • Management of information systems projects;
  • Systems Analyst;
  • Software engineer;
  • Teaching and Research.


  • During the day
  • Evening

Course Plan

1st year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Information Systems Architecture 3
Database Fundamentals 6
Physics Fundamentals 4
Programming Fundamentals 6
Mathematics I 6
Linear Algebra 5
Algorithms and Data Structures 6
Database Programming 6
Mathematics II 6
Multimedia Technologies 5
Operating Systems 4
Digital Systems 3
Total 60
2nd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Object Oriented Programming 6
Networks and Data Communication I 6
Web Programming - Client 6
Statistic 6
Systems Analysis and Modeling 3
Computer Architecture 3
Networks and Data Communication II 6
Web Programming - Server 6
Software Engineering 3
Mobile Programming 6
Interfaces and Usability 3
Total 60
3rd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Programming Lab 6
Artificial Intelligence 6
Organizational Management 5
Project Management 5
Advanced Web Technologies 3
Informatics Engineering Project 5
Distributed Systems 3
Computer Security 3
E-Commerce and Digital Marketing 4
Applied Informatics Engineering Project 20
Total 60