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Carlos Miguel Fernandes de Oliveira


The Master's degree in Management aims to provide students with a specialization of a professional nature developed through an updated and advanced training in technical and scientific domains linked to the different functional areas of the organization. It is developed using in-depth and rigorous training, enhancing the development of scientific and technical skills to all those who exercise or intend to pursue professional activities as entrepreneurs, managers or technical directors of different organizations. The Master of Management is part of the courses offered by ISLA - IPGT in the area of Business Sciences.


  • Dominate the theoretical developments and critical analysis of management issues of the different functional areas of organizations (practices and models);
  • Have gained knowledge on research methodologies and management information management;
  • Have developed a critical vision indispensable for the correct adequacy of the knowledge and skills acquired for each context and organizational dynamics;
  • Are capable of developing original applied research;
  • Are able to create solutions to new and complex problems;
  • Able to work in multidisciplinary contexts, marked by contextual dynamics;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively research and project results;
  • Master management methodologies in national and international contexts;
  • Master management information management tools;
  • Be able to manage their lifelong learning independently.


  • After Work 

Course Plan

1st Year
Curricular UnitsContact HoursECTS
Management Research Methodologies 36 6
Data Processing and Analysis 36 6
Management Control 36 6
Marketing and Internationalization Strategies 36 6
Human Resource Development Policies 36 6
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management 30 5
Information Systems Management 30 5
Financial management 30 5
Quality Management Systems 30 5
Operations and Logistics Management 30 5
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 30 5
Total   60
2nd Year
Curricular Units (Choose one)Contact HoursECTS
Dissertation 72h 60
Applied Project 72h 60
Internship and Report 1120h + 72h 60
Total   60