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José Fernando da Silva Neto

Entrance exams

One of the following tests:

  • 04 - Economics
  • 09 - Geography
  • 18 - Portuguese


The degree in Business Management aims to train professionals with the most solid knowledge and skills, capable of working beyond the internal and external borders of organizations, with a good understanding of the functions and problems of management, as well as the concepts, strategies and instruments needed to perform.

It is intended that they take a proactive attitude and present themselves as real agents of change. In addition to the instrumental skills, the graduates in Management should have cognitive competencies allowing them the understanding of the environment, and the relational skills.

The degree in management seeks to contribute to a diversified range of functions such as planning functions at all levels of the organization and adjustment to the type of client and market in which the company operates. On the other hand, competencies are proposed that allow the use of materials and equipment necessary for the execution of accounting work, the application of analytical and budgetary accounting principles, classification of costs and calculation and analysis of deviations, as well as analysis and auditing any organization.

Professional opportunities

  • Official accountant;
  • Manager, consultant or financial analyst;
  • Specialized technician in different functional areas of the organization.
Degree recognizeed for registration as Certified Accountant in the OCC (Certified Accountants Board)


  • During the day
  • Evening

Course PLan

1st year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Quantitative Methods I 6
Fundaments of Financial Accounting 6
Introduction to Business Management 5
Introduction to Law 5
Introduction to Social Sciences I 4
General Principles of Computer Science 4
Quantitative Methods II 6
Financial Accounting I 6
Introduction to Microeconomics 5
Business Law 4
Ethics and Professional Deontology 4
Financial Calculus I 5
Total 60
2nd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Fiscal Law I 5
Financial Calculus II 5
Introduction to Macroeconomics 5
Financial Accounting II 6
Labour Law I 5
Information Systems for Management 4
Management Accounting I 5
Fiscal Law II 5
Labour Law II 4
Financial Analysis and Reporting I 5
Statistics  4
Operations and Production Management 3
Human Resources Management 4
Total 60
3rd year
Curricular UnitsECTS
Marketing and Publicity 5
Fiscal law III 5
Auditing 5
Management Accounting III 5
Projects Management 5
Financial Analysis and Reporting II 5
Sectoral Applications of Accounting 4
Management Accounting III 5
Investment Projects Analysis 5
Corporate Strategy and Planning 4
Applied Business Project 8
Corporate Finance 4
Total 60



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